Wanted: boys & girls for promotional activities

We are looking for 1 promo boy/girl. Basically your job is to visit lots of parties during the weekends where you promote our events such as Star Warz, Peep, Retro Acid, Kozzmozz and more with posters and flyers. We are looking for an enthusiastic and outgoing person (from Ghent or surroundings) with a love for the nightlife and a responsible and positive attitude. You’re expected to have a car and must be willing to go out and drive to parties all over Belgium, at least one night per weekend. You will get paid (per hour) and your expenses are reimbursed.

Pomo Boy/Girl Wanted

You think you are up for the job?
Send us a mail to info@nastymondays.be!


Peep stands for Positive & Exceptional Electronic Pleasures. Pleasures as in: this brings us joy and this is what we love! Electronic as in: house, house and more house music, the best house music that you can find! Exceptional as in: creating a unique vibe and atmosphere, all together on a universal beat! Positive as in: this gives us a boost of positive energy, all night long and for many more days after to come! Continue reading


It’s been 6 years now. Six good years of amazing nights. Sold out nights. All of them. But this time we go back to where it all started, back to the legendary Make Up Club where we organized HiNDU NiGHTS’ little sister HEEBiE★JEEBiES.

At our HEEBIE★JEEBIES nights there was more focus on fifties and sixties rock ‘n roll and soul. Even more so than HiNDU, it was a night for the girls. And that, gents, is what it’s all been about for us really, the past six years. Continue reading

The Astronomical Unit Edition

The Kozzmozz aliens will once again pay a visit to your Milky Way. But this time things will be different…

Every time we visit Earth, we always end up disappointing many earthlings because our spaceship is not big enough. So we decided to launch our larger Space station with more satellites and dance-floor units. This way we can satisfy more people and invite more artists who will again deliver the best Techno from around the solar system.  Continue reading

6 Years Age of Love XXXL

Remember the days when all of Belgium would be raving from Friday till Tuesday… the days in which there were no tomorrows and in which love and life were celebrated through house, trance and techno beats every weekend, all weekend long. Well, at Age of Love those magic days from the nineties are not only remembered but also relived on various events throughout the year. Be it intimately at Charlatan in Ghent or abundantly @ the Vooruit, for 6 years Age of Love has been the ultimate party for all those who like to take a musical trip through our electronic past.

For this special 6th anniversary edition Age of Love will, just like last year, touchdown in 3 rooms of the Artcube. Last year was already a memorable night: completely sold-out in advance (like every Age of Love party) and an amazing atmosphere with all the hands in the air at many moments and smiling faces all around. Continue reading