Elektron was thé party for the fans of “pure elektro”: so no revival of the ‘80’s, no disco-electro nor hip and hype cross-over tunes but an evening full of sounds that remind us of elektronics, machines, robots, androïds and more of those futuristic images. The kind of elektro that had been programmed since ’97 on our Kozzmozz parties. But finally the time had come to give also New School Elektro it’s own full-international artists who have been active in the scène for many years and have not adapted their style to the “hypes” of that time. Last edition was in 2007, afterwards the baby-elektro-concept Beats of Love took over the elektro scene.

Wall of Fame
Anthony Rother Live (Psi49net, Cocoon, Germany)
AUX 88 (Direct Beat, 430 West, Detroit, USA)
Bass Junkie Live (Breakin, Control Tower, UK)
Bytecon live (Satamile rec)
Chao Xin (Spanking Records, Bootynight, Bxl)
C-Mikron (Aaaight!, C-mikron.com)
Cosmic Force live (Clone, NL)
Daz Quayle live (Touchin Bass, SCSI-AV, UK)
Dexter Live vs. DJ Steffi (Klakson, NL)
Di’jital (Direct Beat, Twilight 76 rec Detroit, USA)
Dj Assault (Jefferson Ave, Databass, Mo Wax, Electrofunk, USA)
Dj Rashad (Juke Trax, Databass, Chicago)
Dmx Krew (Rephlex, Breakin’ rec London, UK)
Dynamix II LIVE (Monotone, Dynamix II Rec, USA)
Godfather (Databass, D.E.T. Only, Twilight 76, Detroit, USA)
Joost de Lyser (Body to Body, Plug, Pop zero)
Kosmozo (dj + voiceFX – kosmozo.com)
Kr!z vs. Technetic (Exclusive booty set)
Kronic (Booty.be)
Kronic (Spanking Records, Bootynight, Bxl)
Latomski (Ghentto Blaster, Playtime, Ghentto-tech.be)
Lysergic (Twisted Hardware)
Novamen (Live, Bunker, Murder Capital, Viewlexx, NL)
Poladroïd Live (Roulette & Data Records, BxL )
RadioActiveman (Keith Tenniswood, UK)
Raphael (Dozer, Electrocute, Antwerpen)
Serge (Clone rec, NL)
Shaman (313.be.tf, Twisted Hardware) + Shed (scratch FX ? ShadowBoxing)
Sonarbase live (SCSI-AV, Utrax, NL) Spacid (Elektron, Ultra, B)
Spacid (Retro acid, Ultra, Elektron, Ghent)
Tinez (Atoz, Dozer)
Ultradyne (PI Gao Movement, SVSI-AV, Warp rec, Detroit)
Zymotic (Spanking Records, Bootynight, Bxl)