Muzzic was called to life a few years ago as a follow-up to Studiotek, another Kozzmozz concept that promoted house and tech-house sounds but could no longer be held after the move from ‘t Kuipke. As these genres weren’t represented yet in any of the newer concepts and there are these occasions when more funky sounds are more appropriate, Muzzic was launched for the first time after the Belgian City Parade and featured the best Belgian house-talents. Some Ghent based dj’s include: Seba Lecompte (, Josh Lasden (, Henk (, …

It was a big success so we decided to extend Muzzic to our New Years eve festivities, off course including also international guests and slowly adding a few other rooms with eclectic grooves and chill-out sounds and more recently also the more minimal house sounds.

Wall of Fame
4T4 (Ultrasonic7)
Alex Forta (Positive Disorder)
Clar & Cameo (Audio Culture)
Dave Mothersole (Wiggle, Eukahouse, UK)
Dirt Crew LIVE (Dirt Crew Recordings, Players Paradise ,GER)
DJ Eerik (Barumba, Funk You!)
Donnacha Costello LIVE (Kompakt, IRL)
E-phonk (Red Room )
Franco Cangelli (Toys For Boys)
Fred Nasen (Muzzic, Dogtown Records, News)
Henk (Montuno Vibes, Statra Recordings)
Jack de Marseille (Wicked Music, FR)
Jona (Get Physical,B)
Josh Lasden (El Futuro, Nightflight, Muzzic)
K-otec aka Orbi (Los Marginales)
Launch Cake Live (Funk You!)
Leopard (Kozzmozz)
Les Craven (Wally’s Groove World)
Level Jay (Sunshine Parties, Touch)
Millennium Kru feat. MC Jay (Daviz & One87, Red Zone)
Moodlex feat. MC Ebony (Swax Music, WGW)
Moodlex Live (Swax Music)
Nathan Coles (Fabric, Wiggle, UK)
Norman Bates vs PsyTox (Young Talent Corner)
Pitch & Hold (Zeitgeist 2.0, Love Triangle Music)
Prinz (Café d’Anvers, LUM recordings)
PsyTox vs Arcana (Klangwerk)
Regis (News)
Seba Lecompte (Decadance, Soundattack)
Seba Lecompte vs Roebin De Freitas (Minor Moves)
Soul Phonic (Punk ID Records)
Sycophant Slags aka Mr. C vs Francis Harris (Sex on Wax, End Rec, Matterform – London / New York)
Terry Francis (Fabric, Wiggle, UK)
Tom Parris (End Rec., Oblong, Sex on Wax – France)
Toni Rios (Cocoon, GER)
X-Press 2 (Junior Boy’s own Recs, Skint Recs, UK)