The Ultra concept is aimed at minimal techno, exposing established names as well as upcoming talents and spreading the minimal bug throughout the country.

All through electronic music’s history, minimalism has played a seminal role in defining the basic structures and rhythms that have captivated so many souls and will continue to do so. But never so much as today have the basic ingredients of techno attracted so much attention worldwide.

Pioneered by techno illuminati’s such as Robert Hood, Richie Hawtin or Daniel Bell, minimal techno has evolved into a musical force of its own, from clicky and glitchy Canada, Basic Channel dubby Berlin to the gripping sounds of Cologne.
A new generation of fresh artists from around the globe and various influential labels such as Perlon, Minus or Force Inc have shaken techno to its very foundations, questioning the essence of sound and rhythm, twisting it into a sonic spectacle of colliding clicks and bleeps, infectious bass lines and hypnotic melodies all firmly layered on the universal language of the four to the floor beat. The newly reborn minimal sound has made dance floors all over the world ever more fresh and exciting.

It speaks for itself that also Kozzmozz could not stay oblivious to these new and exciting sounds as we have been there from the beginning and already pioneered many evolutions within the dance-scene.

So now we bring you a concept which puts minimalism at the forefront. Not with those names that you frequently see in Belgium but those you need to come and discover at the Ultra concept.

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