Funky Fabric

We all love our disco & dance classics don’t we? But we also know that things can get a bit cheesy and out of hand quickly if placed in the hands of the wrong DJ and promoters. We here at Funky Fabric however like to think that we get everything right: music, atmosphere and venue.

From day one Funky Fabric has been the reference when it comes to classic dance music nights. The finest disco and eighties hits, those nineties dance hits you just can’t resist and some of those forgotten classics that make you go: “Man, I haven’t heard this one in ages, what’s that called again?”

At Funky Fabric you are not just there to hear all the hits, you are there to be one of the hits. Style, class, originality and attitude, that’s what’s needed to become a hit, and we provide you with the right platform to do so. If God really is a DJ, he would surely want to have you in his record bag…

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