Partying, London style! With every edition selling out since the start in the spring of 2008, Hindu Nights quickly became the talk of all major towns in Belgium. Young people in Ghent, Leuven and Antwerp went absolutely crazy for these wild, chaotic and exuberant parties, where everything – the people, the music, the venue – breathes and sweats rock ‘n’ roll.

With music from Amy Winehouse to The Supremes, The Strokes to The Velvet Underground and Oasis to The Beatles, Hindu Nights takes you back to the peace and love tradition of the Swinging Sixties and Seventies! Hindu Nights is considered to be the 3 yearly culmination of indie/alternative music, with people from France, the UK, The Netherlands and Italy purchasing tickets.

Despite of the rock ‘n’ roll glam, the Hindu Nights parties are also considered to be some of the trendiest nights around, which may have something to do with the amount of world famous guests (members from Gorillaz, Babyshambles, Miles Kane etc.) having joined the lineup. In addition, the legendary concert hall of Vooruit Ghent adds to the brilliant kooky atmosphere, distinguishing Hindu Nights from every other party.

In the words of one of the most legendary photographers around – Michael Spencer Jones – who attended one of last year’s parties: “There was a fantastic vibe in the venue which I’ve not experienced since the days of the Hacienda in Manchester!”. Or as a British DJ said: “I haven’t seen this kind of madness since Ibiza in 1996”.

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