History of Trance

History of Trance is a completely new concept presented to you by event promoter Quincy Steveninck, co-founder of Age of Love XXL and Extreme on Tour and Cedric Piret aka DJ CP, known from John Digweed’s legendary Bedrock Records and the Pulse Factory.

Together they will take you back to the roots of famous trance temples such as La Bush, Extreme, La Rocca and Balmoral. They will be bringing you an exclusive and 100% old-school quality trance concept with the big masters of trance, hosted in a legendary setting and this only two times per year: one time at the infamous Balmoral afterclub and one time at The Pulse Factory in Gaurain-Ramecroix, the club owned by legendary DJ Georges of formerly La Bush.

The lift off will be held at Balmoral, for many still the most legendary after-club ever, on Friday, May 24th and for this first edition they were able to convince Dave Swayze to dust off his huge record collection and take them to the decks again. It’s been quite a while since he played so expect a very exclusive set from this big master.

Joining him are Phi-Phi who was the undisputed king of the famous Monday Nights at Extreme for so many years and the two residents CP and Quincy.