In 2014, when 10 Days Off called it quits after 25 years, they left a hole in the musical experience of the Ghent Festivities and many fans were left hanging. Therefore, in 2015, it was time to introduce a new event, lasting 10 days long, at Vooruit!

The Concert Hall at de Vooruit in Gent will play host to KLANKFEST, a 10-day party and music event to be held from Friday 17/07 through Sunday 26/07, making it an excellent complement to the Ghent Festivities.

The concept of KLANKFEST is simple: ‘10 days of the very best of the Gent party scene’. For the musical programming, Nasty Mondays is joining forces with leading Gent party organisers, clubs, electronic labels and promoters. From established names such as Decadance, Charlatan and Kozzmozz to young organisers such as Kowboys and Indians. The result is a line-up that offers a sampling of the cream of the Gent party-scene

Thanks to collaboration with no fewer than 23 different partners, spread over the 10 days, KLANKFEST will be able to offer a wide range of musical styles, represented by the best local and international artists in their genres. Each partner of KLANKFEST brings their own musical style and associated subculture to the party. This means that each day, the event will appeal to a different audience. KLANKFEST not only wants to attract Gentenaars, but a national and international crowd as well. And the programming should guarantee that.


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