The Sound of Belgium

At the end of the 80s, Belgium was taken by surprise by the New Beat, a once immensely popular, almost surreal type of dance music. Its unexpected but short lived success left a mark on a new generation of musicians and producers in Belgium and abroad in the years to come.

The story was widely ignored by ‘serious’ music critics and the mainstream media in general. So Jozef Devillé set out to bring it to the big public. He did so with ‘The Sound of Belgium’, a documentary that goes in search of the spirit of a nation, by exploring the history of Belgian’s electronic music and the people that danced to it. The movie was a huge success and shown in many venues and several times on national tv. The best way to keep this story alive is obviously to bring it to the dance-floor. So follow ‘The Sound of Belgium’ on its exclusive and never seen before club tour in 4 legendary locations on 4 different dates.

The tour starts on Saturday, February 6th 2016 in one of the clubs that played a major role in the development of New Beat namely Balmoral in Gentbrugge. The club where many head to on Monday and Tuesday as after ( or even after – after) party in the late eighties, early nineties. Dj’s at your service will be the former residents Philippe Traikos, Fred Nasen, Henk Vandepapeliere and Quincy from Age of Love as guest.


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