Nasty Team

Mathias Kerckhof

Managing Director

Tijs Vandenbroucke

Managing Director

Pascal Cauwelier

Managing Director

Yves Debouvry

Artistic and Marketing Manager

Frederiek Wolff

Project & Production Manager

Gilles Sunaert

Project Coordinator

Elena Waterschoot

Junior Operations Coordinator

    Myrthe Holvoet

    Communications Assistant

    Mathilde Van Vaerenbergh

    Communications Assistant

      David ‘Davidov’ Naessens

      Project Coordinator

      Brands: Boogie Nights XL, City QueensClub 69Funky Fabric & PopLife

      Quincy Steveninck

      Project Coordinator

      Brands: Age of Love, A Night WithHistory of Trance, Extreme Reunion, Remember The Past & The Sound of Belgium.

      Sarah Haelterman

      Management Assistant

      Sandra Dierick

      Promotion & Press

        Sven Janssens

        Head Field Promo

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